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Sri Lanka – a land of abundance of mystic tranquility. We are about to take you on a magical tour of information on what Sri Lankas Central Region has on offer to you. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean has almost every thing on this planet to offer to tourists seeking relaxing holidays. Beaches, cool climates, jungle safaris, water and adventure sports,  Ayurveda and Spa treatments, spiritual and self healing, ancient ruins and romance all within just a few miles apart.



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Why travel with Eurolanka?


You can create your individual tour. We will consult you and organize a tour which fits to your requirements. So you can enjoy your dream tour.


Through our trained local guides you will get an insight and information from a locals perspective and support in this way the local population.


Our Accommodations are all belong to locals, so it is ensured that the local population directly benefits from your stay.


If you stay in one of our Homestays you will have the opportunity to live in a locals house and learn about their culture and original sri lankan food.

We want that tourism does not have negative impact on our environment and local population. Therefore we watch out that our tours and chosen hotels are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


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