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Galle City Tour

Galle, Sri Lanka
10 hours

per adult

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Galle, the historical city had been once the chief port of Ceylon. It is still well known for many industries & tourist attractions including the handwoven The Galle city tour by EuroLanka Holidays has been designed to bring you a glimpse of our rich history, culture & traditions within. Visit the Galle Fort (spanning90 acres) which has been originally built by the Portuguese and later extended by the Dutch in 1663, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site among seven other sites around the country

The coastal city of Galle has been named as Kaliby Ibn Batuta in the 14th centurybefore the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16th century. The city itself has a lot to tell about its transformation to the world until today….. as you enjoy delicious local dishes & drinks during this tour.

As we start from our office or your hotel in Galle. We take you to a leisurelystroll in the best preserved colonial fort in South Asia; relive a 500 year old history, be captivated by the glorious past! This magnificent piece of architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage site was initiated by the Portuguese in the 16th century, seeing some of its best days during Dutch rule in the 18th century, until the British took over in 1796.

Enter the fort through the main entrance, which bears the carved logo of the British monarch on the outer wall and the VOC symbol of the Dutch East India Company in the inner wall. Observe the magnificent building with its old stone walls, the ramparts, Dutch colonial villas, the clock tower, the Old Dutch Hospital, Dutch period houses, the beautiful Dutch Reformed Church and the old Breadfruit tree, thought to be the oldest breadfruit tree in the country.

The fascination about the Country Side is that it is a living history site and not just another well preserved piece of architecture. The Country Side covering 52 hectares of land is one of the busiest places in Galle with a multi-ethnic population living within its walls. Walk around the old town and the ramparts; visit the Maritime Museum, Country Side Temple, Mosque, All saints, the Dutch reformed Church, Antique shops, and many hotels and restaurants around. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean over the fort wall.

After Galle Fort, heading to the Silk Factory in Gingthota, that is a unique experience in Galle. It starts with a short tour demonstrating how silk is collected and made from the silkworm cocoon and the workings of a weaving loom. This demonstration and the shopping experience will take about minimum 2 hrs.

Lunch at Hela Bojun, as the name implies, does not only serve freshly-prepared local food; it also provides a great platform for self-employed women to prosper in life.

Traditional food items and beverages like hoppers, unduval, ulundu vade, kola kanda, beli mal juice and soya products are prepared here and one could sense a great enthusiasm along with a village spirit at the restaurant.

We have included the Hela Bojun Lunch as a contribution:

  • to uplift the economic well-being of women in agriculture;
  • to encourage production of food free of harmful substances;
  • to boost the economy of the country

as a socially responsible tour operator.








After lunch, we head toward the Handunugoda white tea factory. Getting to this plantation alone is an experience. On your way, you may encounter herds of water buffaloes, which would be a fun full sight. At reaching Handunugoda your host will explain everything that they grow there in addition to the tea. It would be really fascinating and definitely a nice and tranquil walk around the grounds. The tea and cakes served at the house are memorable with seeing the old original machinery in action. Here you will have a great idea of processing tea from start to finish and it is fun to learn. This will definitely be a highlight of your time in Galle.










Finally, we take you to Ru-Massala Mountain.Travelers to the specific piece of Mountain have experienced a taste of mystical peacefulness within the confines of the mountain. Formerly known as Boone Vista by colonialists, Rumassala Mountain is popularly known for the sankirith epic Ramayanaya. Accordingly, during an intense battle between King Ravana of Sri Lanka and Rama of India there were many injured soldiers on Rama’s side. Therefore, Rama instructed Hanuman (the Indian monkey warrior god) with a list of herbs to bring back from the Himalaya Mountains.

Hanuman who was not able to identify the herbs brought back a piece of the mountain itself. It’s said that once Rama was able to extract the required herbs, Hanuman discarded the Himalayan Mountain piece at Rumassala. Many believe that this legend attempts to explain the unusual biodiversity found at Rumassala.



  • Galle Fort
  • Natural Silk Factory
  • Lunch at Hela Bojun Hala
  • Visit of tea plantation and factory
  • Rumassala Hill



10 hours

8 am – 6pm



  • Transportation (Tuk-Tuk,A/C Coach, Bus, 4×4 Safari vehicle, Train)
  • all entrance fees for parks, museums, etc.
  • all taxes
  • English Guide
  • Lunch according tour plan


Not Included

  • Beverages
  • camera permissions
  • other meals and drinks
  • tips
  • travel insurance



  • Adult (1-5 person): 95 €
  • Group (from 6 person): Group discount
  • Children (6-11 year): 55 €
  • Payment: cash in Euro, Dollar or Rupees

 Tour Itinerary

  1. Pick up from EuroLanka Holidays or Galle hotel and transfer to Galle Dutch Fort – Approximately 10 minutes’ drive.
  1. Explore Dutch heritage in Galle Fort and it is 2 hrs walking journey and you will explore historical importance of Galle Fort. The ramparts, colonial buildings, clock tower, light house, museum & old church, mosque & Buddhist temple are covered in this guided tour.
  1. Visit Natural Silk Factoryin Gintota, that is the only silk store in Sri Lanka to have live demonstrations of the silk making process to visitors thereby making it a unique and an attractive visit for many tourists. This process recruits the performance of a particular worm that is the main feature in order to produce the fabric to weave the materials that are used to make a range of products. En-route visit Shiva or Sri Meenadchi Sandaresvarar temple in Galle
  1. The Lunch at “Hela Bojun Hala” these particular food outlets are managed by the ministry of agriculture ensures its quality of the foods. You could enjoy almost any Sri Lankan traditional food here and that would be traditionally served. They boast of what they serve from their own organic farms in the neighbourhood.
  1. The Handunugoda Estate is known as the Virgin White Tea Factoryand is possibly the World’s closest plantation to the sea. You will be able to walk around tea plantation and someone from the factory with high experience with their Virgin White tea; will explain the specialties and their unique techniques of tea production.
  1. Rumassala is a massive hill oddly out of place in the landscape just outside the Galle harbor. Legend details that during the Rama – Rawana war Rama’s brother Luakshmana, was injured and Hanuman was sent to Himalayas to fetch medicinal herbs. Hanuman forgot the name of the herb but he brought a chunk of the peak containing many herbs
  1. At your preference, we can do shopping and taste some best food and wine in the road side cafes in Unawatuna.
  1. Transfer back to Hotel – 30 minutes drive maximum.